Cloud Storage

Reducing storage costs is becoming a high priority for IT organizations, yet data and efficient access to it are more important than ever. Performance, scalability and management issues are all at stake for organizations with conventional file-based storage systems if data needs to be stored for over 90 days.

One way to resolve this is to use an Object Oriented Storage (OOS) system, which simplifies the process. This method of storage differs from unstructured file storage in that the objects filed are not housed in volumes or attached to a directory. Instead, they are simply assigned an ID number or name with detailed metadata and can be retrieved at any time, from anywhere on the web.

China Telecom Americas’ OOS is specifically designed for the Internet, mass data, data sharing and data analysis, and is recognized as the next-generation storage product by customers.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Special technology to avoid the single point bottleneck of metadata nodes in the common distributed file system
  • Storage control on both transmission and access, supports data isolation and data privacy policy
  • Fully compatible with Amazon S3 Interface
  • Easy scalability from  10G – 2TB per disk
  • Easy to use management console for self-service of storage provisioning
  • Multiple classes of storage to suit standard and large file storage requirements
  • Internal storage for VMs utilize FC SAN, VSAN with SSD cache
  • Back up/recovery using snapshots, multi-site replication or third party applications

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