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cisco 8

Cisco ISR4221/K9
Cisco ISR4321/K9
Cisco ISR4331/K9
Cisco ISR4351/K9
Cisco ISR4431/K9
Cisco ISR4451/K9

Cisco Catalyst 2960X
Cisco Catalyst 3650X
Cisco Catalyst 9200
Cisco Catalyst 9300

Cisco ASA5506-K9
Cisco ASA5508-K9
Cisco ASA-5516

cisco meraki 9

Cisco Meraki MS210
Cisco Meraki MS250
Cisco Meraki MS355

Firewalls & Access Points
Cisco Meraki MX67-HW
Cisco Meraki MX250-HW
Cisco Meraki MR33-HW
Cisco Meraki MR42-HW
Cisco Meraki MR53-HW
Cisco Meraki MR55-HW

Juniper SRX320
Juniper SRX340
Juniper SRX345


Palo Alto PA220
Palo Alto PA820

Get up to 30% Managed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Implementation Services:

-Equipment unboxing, rack mounting, power on and initialization.

-Cable connection in rack.

-Basic configuration for network setup (customer provides config files).

-Remote connection configuration.

-Layer-3 connection testing for WAN/LAN network.


*Network design, cable materials and accessories not included.