Fast Access Soft Terminal

Agile, stable, and productivity-enhancing access

Product Overview

With the expansion of digitized business operations and hybrid work environments, global enterprises need highly resilient cloud services for remote collaboration and data sharing. Our Fast Access Soft Terminal (FAST) is a stable, agile, secure remote access network application that keeps your team connected as you make business services available across your distributed workforce and infrastructure.


Enhanced Accessibility

Give IT support teams the speed and efficiency to resolve issues with our remote access capability.

Agile Framework

Access centralized control functions to securely direct domestic and global SaaS traffic while delivering high levels of application performance with CTA and its affiliates SD-WAN solution.

Managed Efficiency

Enhance network and configuration management with back-end management tools including account management, identity verification, traffic visualization, domain/IP whitelist, and route control function options.

Effortless Integration

Take advantage of FAST’s straight-forward integration with SD-WAN using OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSL standard tunnel protocols to support Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems.


Enjoy a fully functional, easy-to-use application with the convenience of one-click access available in client and clientless mode.

Increased Productivity

Leverage remote access to keep your teams functional and at peak performance, whether working remotely or in-person.

Enhanced Control

Separate traffic functions with add-on Smart DNS functionality to optimize network speed and improve agility.


Independent Login Account

  • Implement security protocols and prevent leakage without divulging personal and sensitive information.

No-Log System

  • Safeguard your online browsing privacy and enjoy network connectivity.

Local Traffic Split

  • Ease traffic bottlenecks, conserve bandwidth, and reduce circuit access costs.

Multiple Modes and Protocols

  • Improve your user experience no matter the network environment by leveraging FAST’s multiple modes and protocols.

SaaS Acceleration

  • Tap into mainstream SaaS acceleration applications like Offfice365, Salesforce, and Zoom to optimize performance for all users.

Multiple Encryption Tools

  • Promote customer trust with our reliable, highly secure encryptions protocols—TLS and SHA256— to protect customer data security.

Distributed Backbone Resources

  • Ensure access and robust connectivity for customers in all regions with FAST’s globally distributed backbone resources.

Low Latency

  • Unlock outstanding performance with minimal variation, symmetric uploads, and high-speed internet everywhere with CTA and its affiliates high-quality leased lines.

Professional Support

  • Keep business operations humming with FAST’s operations and maintenance system and reliable professional SD-WAN + WFX services.


Why choose a remote access solution?

As business operations become more digital and hybrid work environments increase in popularity, enterprises need a remote access tool to resolve network challenges and manage the deployment of business services across a distributed infrastructure.


FAST is a one-of-a kind enterprise-grade remote access tool with high security, stability, and flexibility globally.

How do I get started with FAST?

Get started with FAST’s client mode (app):

  • Open FAST app.
  • Enter account credentials.
  • Click connect to get up and running

Get started with FAST’s clientless mode (built-in VPN)

  • Go to VPN setting
  • Add VPN connection
  • Configure L2TP/IPsec connection
Which OS are supported?

FAST supports Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems whether working in-office or remotely.

What security features are included?

FAST supports independent login accounts, a no-log system, multi-factor authorization configuration, and mainstream encryption protocols including TLS and SHA256 to protect data security.

What kind of support is included with FAST?

FAST comes with a professional carrier operations and maintenance system and is committed to providing professional SD-WAN and WFX services.

How efficient is FAST’s remote access?

Unlock guaranteed low latency globally with CTA and its affiliates high quality leased lines. FAST’s back-end management tools for admin users include account management, Identity Verification, Traffic Visualization, Domain/IP whitelist, route control functions, etc.

What is FAST’s gateway deployment specification for small-scale enterprise users?

FAST supports seamless gateway deployment for enterprises requiring global cloud and SaaS services by using CTA and its affiliates transport backbone. It can support from 5 to 1000 concurrent users per Cloud VM server depending upon the memory and disk configuration. SD-WAN supports unlimited concurrent users and bandwidth requirements with multiple Cloud VM servers.


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