Hong Kong TKO Data Center Promotion

Get up to 20% off selected KVAs and global internet access to China


In today’s technology-driven era, where we store everything virtually, it is necessary to have access to highly secure and dynamic data centers that offer flexibility, predictability, and affordability. Plus, carrier neutrality proves a valuable asset for companies that want to get the maximum benefit from the services of a data center. As the carrier-neutral data center is not bonded with any ISP, telecommunication, or other service providers, it provides better flexibility and diversity. China Telecom’s Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Data Center is a carrier-neutral data center that offers Tier III+ Standard with the scalability of over 71,000 sqm and 100MVA total power. It has a target PUE of 1.5 and carries LEED Gold Rating. Located close to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hosting Facility and Hong Kong’s Central Business Districts, The TKO Science Park is one of the Cable Landing stations in HK.

Promo Details

CTA’s affiliate is offering exclusive Tseung Kwan O Data Center (TKO, ONNET) discounts. When you take this offer, you get up to 10% off on 3KVA and up to 20% off when you get our 4KVA data center service. These discounts will be applicable for 24 months’ contract terms after your purchase. In case the customer purchases more racks, China Telecom will provide more discounts. Available for our new and existing customers!

Location: 18 Chun Yat Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Hong Kong

Up to 10% off 3 KVA and 20% off 4 KVA

Overdraw Power: 30% off per KVA

Internet to China: 30% off per M for bandwidth <= 30M

Min Contract Terms: 24 months

Promotion Period: June 8, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021

PI Annually: 3% after contact terms


Highlighting Structural Features of Our Data Center

  • 6m slab to slab height
  • Raised floor height of 900mm
  • Floor loading of 15kN/m²
  • Minimum height from raised floor: 4.3m
  • 2 goods lift (5 tones), 7 passenger lifts
  • 600mm x 1200mm x 45U cabinet

Get Maximum and Advanced Security

  • Data Center operation in 24x7x365
  • Data Hall CCTV records kept for 90 days
  • Security guard patrols 24x7x365
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDs)
  • Comprehensive intruder detection and alarms to all areas
  • Access control using proximity card readers and biometric systems
  • Physical access via mantrap

Ultimate Cooling Solution for Smooth Operations

  • Central Chiller plant, N+1
  • Diverse chilled water raisers
  • CRAC cooling equipment, CRAC corridor

Value Added Services

  • Network service
  • Security service
  • Customer service
  • Supporting service
  • Remote hand service

Excellent Connectivity

  • Carrier Neutral
  • Meet Me Room on each floor
  • 2 diverse building entry points
  • Diverse cable routes and pathways

Latest Measures for Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas
  • VESDA aspirated early warning smoke detection system
  • Integrin gas suppression system in technical areas

24/7 Reliable Power Supply

  • Initial 11kV utility supply with different Power Station, N+1 Redundancy
  • Utility power support capacity of 100MVA
  • IT power and mechanical systems supplied by on-site diesel rotary UPS
  • Fully diverse power distribution to technical areas
  • Dedicated dual incoming power supply
  • On-site fuel storage to support 24 hours at full capacity with 24x7x365 fuel delivery
  • Providing high power density (up to 5KW/rack)


Do you provide technical support whenever needed?

Yes, China Telecom has a 24/7 bilingual hotline service available in English and Chinese. China Telecom provides our customers with around-the-clock technical support to provide answers your questions and address your concerns.

How much discount can I get on your data center service?

Currently, China Telecom is offering Up to 10% off on 3 KVA and 20% off on our 4 KVA data center service, which is eligible for 24 months from now. You can avail of this exclusive offer to save more on the purchase of data center service. And if you buy more racks, China Telecom will increase the discount offer.

Is your data center secure?

China Telecom is highly concerned about our client’s data security. China Telecom has advanced security measures in place to keep your data secure and safe from internal and external threats. Plus, our experts monitor data centers 24/7 and keep you updated about any alarming situation.

Is your DC Carrier Neutral?

Yes. Here is the list of carriers: PCCW, HKT, TGT, Traxcomm, Superloop, HGC, WTT and the Hong Kong Broadband Network.

What is the power per rack the DC support?

Standard is 6KVA/rack. Max can support up to 8KVA/rack.


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