Network Communication and Collaboration Tools for the Energy Sector


Oil and gas industries are entering the digital era. They are looking for cost-effective and mobile solutions to allow projects to more forward successfully. Capturing and sharing data must be done in real-time to make the best decisions. Here at China Telecom Americas, we are providing customized solutions to the energy sector so companies can access and share the data that they need for operations.

Industry Background

Oil and gas companies have global operations. Whether they are mining for resources on land or at sea, the companies need to always connect to workers, data and projects to make sound business decisions.

China Telecom Americas provides global network infrastructure solutions to the energy industry so business owners, project managers, contractors, administration employees, and experts can efficiently connect and perform business without any restraints.

We offer private network servers, data centers, IT service sourcing and other connectivity tools so energy companies have the real-time data and collaboration resources they need to be successful in this market sector.


China Telecom Americas enables companies in the energy industry to quickly transmit data and share information between remote operations so they can connect with employees and decision makers in central locations for real-time decision making. Some solutions that we offer include global MPLS VPN and collaboration solutions.

Read more about our global MPLS VPN and collaboration solutions.

Global Multi-Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN)

Lets you combine voice, data, cloud applications and other content onto a single global network with a prioritized private channel.

Collaboration Solutions

Provides a cloud conferencing platform to build employee and client relationships from anywhere and at any time.

Use Cases

Oil & Gas Corporation Use Case

A large oil & gas corporation required better collaboration tools to bring together project managers, equipment operators, contractors and shareholders who were stationed at sites in various countries so they could plan and implement mining and extraction projects.

Collaboration Solutions and Cloud Computing

China Telecom Americas offered cloud infrastructure and networking services along with cloud conferencing tools. The company and all involved parties could communicate virtually while having private and secure access to desired applications over the cloud.

Multi-National Energy Corporation Use Case

A multi-national energy corporation needed to securely extend their coverage to remote factory sites around the world. However, they lacked local IT staff, which made it difficult to manage their networks on different continents and time zones.


  • Global MPLS VPN
  • 2 hub data centers
  • Router, Voice Gateway, and Firewall rental
  • IT service outsourcing

China Telecom Americas enabled the multi-national energy corporation to have widest network coverage with our Global MPLS VPN and 2 hub data centers. We also provided equipment leasing and IT service outsourcing so they could successfully manage their networks around the globe.


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