Fast and Secure Data Networks for Healthcare Industries


China healthcare providers have many diverse IT needs ranging from data storage and transfer, privacy concerns and regulatory requirements to a host of other bandwidth and security focused applications.

China Telecom Americas is a network infrastructure and connectivity systems provider offering versatile and effective solutions for the healthcare industry. We assist Chinese healthcare providers by providing the network connectivity, security management and data management they need for their various health facilities.

Industry Background

China Telecom Americas understands your pressing needs to store patient data, monitor patient health around the clock, collaborate with other healthcare providers and communicate with R&D facilities. We offer private networks throughout China using a dedicated infrastructure to keep your healthcare organization’s network fast, secure, and reliable.

With MPLS VPN and International Private Line services, you can provide superior quality care for Chinese patients while having medical records that are readily accessible. In addition, our private lines allow for secure data record management and file sharing along with video conferencing features. So, you can efficiently manage and back up data while able to speak with patients, other medical providers, and healthcare administrators in the China region.


Discover the benefits of our MPLS VPN and International Private Lines services today.

MPLS VPN for Healthcare

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN provides one secure global network for videos, medical content, data, cloud applications and voice services used in the healthcare industry. It prioritizes traffic so that fast connections provide required information instantly for improved operational performance.

International Private Lines for Healthcare

China Telecom Americas International Private Lines consist of self-healing fiber optic networks that allow secure transmission of data and the deployment of mission-critical applications to healthcare endpoints. This network offers enhanced security management of data and other content to streamline healthcare operations in the China region.

Use Cases

Pharmaceutical Company Use Case


A pharmaceutical company was looking for a new research & development location along with a new manufacturing facility in Shanghai. They needed a secure network to take advantage of the growth in the China market.




China Telecom Americas deployed their MPLS VPN for the pharmaceutical company so they would have far-reaching access in the Asia Pacific. They could now gather, transmit and manage data as well as communications over one secure and private network.

Hospital Use Case


Two hospitals, one based in Hangzhou and the other in Tongxiang, required high performance network connectivity to perform a remote ultrasound technique using robotic arm technology.


New 5G telehealth solution


China Telecom Americas used 5G network infrastructures and connections that allowed the remote procedure to run smoothly between the two hospital locations. Medical professionals were able to receive high-definition images and data in real-time due to ultra-fast network speeds.


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