Reach Larger Audiences with Your Digital Media Content


People crave rich and immersive media content, and they are accessing it on all types of devices daily. Generating this content while keeping up with technology innovations requires cost-effective media solutions. China Telecom Americas’ content delivery network (CDN) solutions offers a means to reliable distribute your content efficiently.

Industry Background

We understand your issues that arise from the shift to digital media consumption. China Telecom Americas provides solutions to help you distribute your digital content in the most efficient way possible.

Our content delivery network services enable your users to utilize edge to speed up content delivery speed and experience video, live streams, and other rich content in high definition on any device.

  • Fast Delivery Speeds: On-demand content delivery is achieved through our reliable network infrastructure
  • Network Optimization: Adaptive features will select the best network path and edge to avoid congestion while viewers can enjoy your content on chosen digital platforms.
  • Expand Your Reach: Our 150+ global Points of Presence (PoPs) allows you to reach 150 million broadband and 250 million mobile subscribers throughout China.

Do more with your digital media with CDN solutions from China Telecom Americas.


China Telecom Americas will allow you to provide enhanced digital media throughout China on all devices. Our CDN solutions can send high definition video, online gaming, movie streaming, music downloads live videos and software applications over secure and reliable network infrastructures to desired endpoints seamlessly.

Our Solutions:

  • Dynamic Content Packaging and Adaptive Streaming Media included in our CDN Solution
  • Full Optimizations for Origin, External and Cloud-Based Storage Options
  • Streaming Support for all types of media including On Demand and Live Broadcasts
  • Upload Content over Aspera, SCP, FTP, SFTP, and R-Sync

Read more about how our CDN Services support fast content distribution.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Secure Content that Reaches Users

A corporation with remote employees wanted reliable cloud network services without varying fees or network speeds that were experienced when using multiple third -party providers to reach last mile networks. China Telecom America’s CDN technologies offered more secure media storage that followed China’s regulatory requirements as well as anti-DDoS protection. End users were able to enjoy enhanced online interactions as content transportation became effortless.

Use Case 2: Adaptable Content to Target Specific Networks

A large multimedia gaming company needed their content to be adaptable for differing devices and OS systems that connected to the platform system. CDN offered content recognition and configuration technology. Now uploaded media content became adaptable based on the target customer’s device and their network configurations. Customers experienced less lag when requesting and receiving chosen media gaming content.

Use Case 3: Streaming Choices Using Multiple Frameworks

A content creation company required a network for multimedia content streaming. The delivery of the media had to be delivered without any format limitations. CDN from China Telecom Americas provided efficient and fast data upload of content for on-demand streaming and adaptive streaming media. Users could use a variety of multimedia frameworks including Windows Media, Microsoft Smooth, Apple QuickTime, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Zeri.


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