Hong Kong Mega-I Data Center Promotion

Get up to 20% off selected KVAs + one free cross-connect/cabinet


Located on Hong Kong Island, the Hong Kong Mega-1 data center is a recognized Carrier Hotel. Through it, you get access to a dynamic, innovative, and highly secure data center. It offers the convenience of interconnectivity with the international and local operators as well as gives access to the most important mainstream cloud vendors. This allows local and international businesses to harness the optimal benefits for their business data storage and expansion. It connects more than 200+ Telco carriers, ISP, and other service providers through submarine cable systems from across the world. This makes it easy for customers to select and connect with their preferred network service providers from anywhere in the world and locally.

Promo Details

Currently, CTA’s affiliate is offering exclusive discounts at their Mega 1 Data Center in Hong Kong. By taking our offer, you can enjoy 30% off per M for bandwidth <= 30M for internet to China and Up to 20% off for 4-6KVA/rack. The promotion duration of these discounts is from Aug. 1, 2021, to Oct. 31, 2021. If you decide to purchase more racks, we can provide additional discounts. The minimum contract term for these discounts is 24 months after which, we charge an annual PI of 3%.

Location: L.27 Mega-I Advantage Building, 399 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Whole floor new data hall in Mega-I on level 27

MRC: Up to 20% off for 4-6KVA/rack

Free one cross-connect per cabinet to MMR

Internet to China: 30% off per M for bandwidth <= 30M

Min Contract Terms: 24 months

Promotion Period: Aug. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021

PI Annually: 3% after contact terms


Outstanding Design and Exceptional Connectivity

  • TIA942 Standard: Tier III
  • N+N UPS redundancy design + 15 mins full load battery
  • N+1 CRAC & hot aisle design;
  • PUE = 1.7
  • Over 200+ Telco carriers, ISP, and other types of service providers connected by submarine cable systems from all over the world, accessible for Customers to select & connect with their preferred network service providers
  • The fiber duct and cable basket on the top of the cabinet connected to the MMR
  • China Telecom transmission pop in MMR connects to local service providers such as PCCW, HKBN, HGC

Technical Specifications of Mega 1 Data Center

  • Floor loading: 500KG / sq. m
  • Cabinet Dimension: 711mm Width x 915mm Depth x 42U Height
  • In-House wiring: place order to China Telecom (7 working days)

Temperature Control and Stability

  • Temp: 20º C ~ 25º C, Humidity: 50% +/- 20%

24/7 uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Power Supply: Dual feed 20Amp@220V with UPS and diesel generator

Fool-Proof Security System with 24/7 Monitoring

  • Security system: CCTV, access control system, 7×24 site access, entry registration

Reliable Fire Detection and Protection

  • Smoke Detection Alarm system and FM200 gas fire suppression system


Do you provide 24/7 technical support?

Yes, we have a bilingual support team available 24/7 to assist you and answer your queries.

How much discount are you giving on your data center service?

Currently, you can enjoy 30% off per M for bandwidth <= 30M for Internet to China and up to 20% off for 4-6KVA/rack.

Do you have reliable security in your Data Center?

Absolutely! At our data centers, we are highly concerned about the security of our clients’ data. We have installed the most advanced security systems backed by our security team for 24/7 monitoring.


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