Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Self-managed of fully-managed dedicated cloud servers, storage and virtual networks

Product Overview

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a hybrid model of cloud computing in which a private cloud solution is provided within a public cloud environment. Each customer’s data remains isolated from other customer’s data both in transit and inside the network, offering better performance and heightened security.  Get the agility benefits of cloud without having to deploy your own IT resources.

Key Features & Benefits

Single service provider of dedicated compute, storage and network resources

Expert team of virtualization professionals ensure operational efficiency

Extensive data center coverage across China and 26-sites globally

Management portal allows flexible self-management of resources

Cost benefits from shared resources and bandwidth efficiency

Managed VPC support can be provisioned as necessary

Better data protection and security than public cloud

SLAs to ensure maximum service availability

Performance benefits of a private cloud

Global 24×7 customer support in English

Technical Details

  • Flexible configuration options for OS, vCPU, vRAM, storage, and number of public IP addresses
  • VPN tunnels from VPC environment to public cloud partners (AWS, Azure and Alicloud)
  • Class of Service is available so that high priority VPC traffic can be delivered accordingly
  • Optimize bandwidth efficiency as your users take the shortest path to applications
  • Large resource pool to create an unlimited number of Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Equipment sourcing, leasing and configuration management available
  • Traffic stays within VPC firewall without crossing the public internet
  • Access dedicated cloud infrastructure and network availability
  • Isolated network environments to provide a higher level of security

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