Ethernet Private Lines

As your organization expands across the globe, you need access to reliable and flexible communication networks.

Product Overview

As bandwidth demands grow, multinational enterprises doing business in China require secure, reliable networks that combine operational flexibility with bottom line cost-effectiveness. Ethernet Private Lines let you do just that, with dedicated point-to-point connectivity through China Telecom’s next-generation carrier network and access to our high-speed global networks.


Scalable, Flexible, Cost Effective

Scale your deployment with dedicated point-to-point international connectivity, easy LAN extensions and WAN connections; easily upgrade bandwidth and Ethernet access capability as the needs of your business change; no need to invest in new equipment

Easy Maintenance

Standard and widely applicable Ethernet interface – with no new equipment investment required – ensures simple network upgrades and short delivery time, as well as service changes with minimal downtime or service interruption

Effective Networking Solution

China Telecom’s EPL network is built on partnerships with over 100 carriers worldwide and leverages terrestrial and submarine cable networks with access to more than 80 countries and regions across five continents

Supports Multiple Use Cases

Ideal for ISPs, carriers and enterprises running a broad range of applications including file sharing and processing, data backup, point-to-point VoIP, video conferencing and many more

Reliable Performance

Global 24/7 network monitoring and proactive network management with single point of contact; 99.9% or greater network availability in key demanding areas


Flexible Deployment Options

  • Available bandwidths up to 10Gbps with range of access options
  • Connections through standard Ethernet interfaces (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, 10GE)
  • Access rates between 2Mbps and 10Gbps
  • EoSDH (SDH-based IEPL) traditional provisioning, EoOTN (MS-OTN-based IEPL) new network platform
  • MTU: from 1518 to 9600

Speed Diversity

  • End-to-end China private connectivity service based on our next generation SDH/SONET and DWDM transport platforms
  • Variable access rates available from 2Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Options for dedicated point-to-point connectivity
  • Low latency and high reliability
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability

High-Speed Global Coverage

  • Tier-1 global network offers reliable end-to-end connections between the US and China, and global route diversity across 48 international cable systems with 500+ points of presence (POPs) covering 80+ countries and regions
  • Connects customers via dedicated international bandwidth with minimal transmission delay and maximum network security
  • Includes transmission POPs with auto-failover redundancy

Service Level Assurance

  • Network availability of 99% or greater with no latency fluctuations guarantees reliable connections
  • Guaranteed bandwidth with flexible bandwidth adjustment from 2Mbps to 10Gbps evolves with your business needs


What types of organizations select your Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services? How can I be certain that this service is right for my company?

China Telecom Americas’ suite of Ethernet-based private line network services were developed specifically to meet the performance, speed and security demands of both enterprise and carrier customers.

What are the various service types available?

CTA IEPL service is offered as a point-to-point service. The point-to-point service uses dedicated virtual channels to transparently transfer the Ethernet data frames from end to end, including customers’ VLAN or COS information.

China Telecom Americas’ IEPL services also provide physical separation between customers for high security.

Will China Telecom’s EPL service allow my company to maintain control and visibility of its network?

China Telecom’s EPL service offers a self-managed IP environment. Ethernet over SDH and DWDM is fully transparent to the customer IP address and internal route so customers can manage their own internal IP network and routing.

My company is planning an aggressive expansion into China. How broad is the reach of China Telecom’s EPL service?

China Telecom has over 500+ domestic POPs within China, covering all the cities of Mainland China.


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