International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL)

Fulfill the business demands of customers with our end-to-end managed bandwidth service

Resumo do Produto

China Telecom Americas’ suite of fully-managed Ethernet-based network services are designed specifically to meet the performance, speed and security demands of both carrier and enterprise customers. International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) is an end-to-end, managed bandwidth service based on next generation SDH/SoNet transport service (Multi Service Transport or MSTP).

Principais recursos e benefícios

Grow your network using International Ethernet Private Line for your mission-critical business applications.

  • Options for dedicated, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint international connectivity
  • Uses standard Ethernet interfaces (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet)
  • Easy LAN extension, WAN connection, high bandwidth or high traffic volume applications
  • Fully managed, international Ethernet-based network and bandwidth services
  • Service Level Guarantee

Detalhes técnicos

  • Available access rates between 2 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps
  • End-to-end service based on next generation SDH/SoNet transport (MSTP)

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