Managed WAN

Entrust your WAN to a highly trained network team to focus on your growth initiatives

Product Overview

When application availability and network performance mean everything to the success of your business, having a reliable network benefits in many ways. But the critical task of keeping your network operating at peak performance requires time, effort and focus.

China Telecom Managed WAN enables multi-national organizations to connect to the Internet or multiple sites via a secure, private and high-performance network.

Key Features & Benefits

Creating a secure environment for your inter-office connections that doesn’t send traffic over the Internet comes with a multitude of benefits.

CPE / IT Infrastructure Project Management from design, deployment to systems integration & maintenance.

Automate path selection based on configuration rules to prioritize mission critical applications

On-premises service availability across China and in key metro areas in 72 countries

Partnerships and certifications from all leading equipment manufacturers

Local IT equipment sourcing, leasing, maintenance and repair

24/7 global support from CCIE certified bilingual engineers

Re-route application data as network conditions change

Provide LAN-like applications for remote clients

Reduce costs by sharing resources across sites

Technical Details

  • On-site troubleshooting, hardware replacement, upgrade and optimization Turnkey circuit provisioning/CPE solution with centralized management and control
  • Managed configuration changes, lock downs and updates
  • Seamless integration with Managed Security (NetCare)
  • Increased flexibility and scalability without CAPEX
  • Software configuration changes & updates
  • Router Installation Configuration Service

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