Ultra-Low Latency Connectivity for the Financial Sector


Complex operations can hamper a finance company’s ability to process transactions, make trades, or provide valuable services to customers. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with our vast network infrastructure. Obtain low latency connectivity, faster speeds and reliable solutions that are tailored to the financial industry sector. Every microsecond counts.

See round trip times (RTT) between the Americas and Asia’s leading trade avenues on CTA’s interactive resources page.

Industry Background

China Telecom Americas ultra-low latency connectivity, fast data speeds and proximity colocation services allow fintechs, insurers, banks, traders and other institutions to engage in financial business around the globe.

Our vast network infrastructure consists of 75 global PoPs, 500+ data centers and transmission facilities inside China, our dedicated Express Online Trading Routes, and the only direct green channel between the Shanghai and Hong Kong Exchanges. We ensure secure private lines, fast data speeds and stable connection services for all types of financial services including high-frequency, high-volume trading activity and daily transactions when accessing the world’s largest trading exchanges.


The financial industry relies on a secure and trusted network connectivity infrastructure that runs in the background without hampering their operations. China Telecom Americas’ advanced network offers a wealth of solutions for these institutions to stay connected.

Proximity Colocation

Our Proximity Colocation solutions allows you to extend your reach and stay connected to all financial exchanges so you can instantly share trading information.

Use Cases

Leading Financial Information Provider Use Case

The leading financial information provider needed a network infrastructure that could scale to their rapid expansion plan in China without connection hurdles.

Multiple Site IDC Colocation, OTN/DWDM, Domestic SDH, MSTP, Satellite Backup Service, Managed Services

China Telecom Americas offered multiple and diverse service solutions. Our hassle-free solutions allowed the financial service provider to extend their reach throughout China and match the same high international standards.

Trading Firm Use Case

A large day trading firm was experiencing slow data connections when trying to access international exchanges. Their proprietary day traders couldn’t share their trade information from global stock exchanges in time with other traders.

Proximity Colocation, CTA PoP, Low Latency Connectivity

China Telecom Americas has over 75 global PoPs. This solution provided ultra-fast data speeds with low latency rates.


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