Helping Keep Manufacturing Lines, Suppliers and Customers Connected


Manufacturing lines require diverse network and connectivity infrastructures. Throughout the supply chain, workers need to relay information, have connected machines communicate through robust IT environments for product creation, and get in touch with suppliers about raw material deliveries.

China Telecom Americas unique and cost-effective IT infrastructure management and MPLS + SD-WAN hybrid solution resources allow manufactures to build and expand their plant operations.

Industry Background

China Telecom Americas offers versatility and reliability in their network infrastructure services, cloud computing technologies and virtual private network resources. Manufacturers can build operations, enhance their supply chains and expand their operational reach throughout China and around the world.

Manufacturers can take advantage of a wide variety of solutions that are tailored to their specific operations and goals. Whether you need connections for your network-enabled manufacturing equipment or require IT managed services when building a new plant, China Telecom Americas has the expertise and technologies to provide digital connections.


More manufacturers are embracing the concept of smart factories, where their machines and workers can interconnect in a secure private network and cloud-enabled digital environment. China Telecom Americas is a global leader in technology and network connectivity for manufacturers of all sizes who want to expand their operations throughout China.

With our IT infrastructure management, SD-WAN, global MPLS-VPN and cloud services, you can streamline operations while increasing profits.

We offer solutions that boost your manufacturing line productivity so you can design smart factories that can scale based on your expansion plans.



Cloud Service

IT Infrastructure Management

  • Consulting, planning and deployment services to build your IT network capabilities.

Use Cases

Manufacturing Company Use Case

A manufacturing company was experiencing expansion and building another plant close to their main operations. They would be installing network-capable plant equipment and upgrading from their older legacy systems. The company needed compatible IoT solutions and control over their entire network infrastructure to achieve production resiliency.

Global MPLS-VPN, IOT solutions, Cloud Service, IT infrastructure management

China Telecom Americas evaluated their existing IT infrastructure and developed global MPLS-VPN and Cloud solutions that could be implemented to connect both locations. Our IT services offered greater scalability options so they could fully control operations during their continued expansion.

Private Logistics Provider Use Case

A private logistics provider had multiple offices overseas. They needed an end-to-end network solution so they could fully manage their ERP application. They were experiencing poor application performance between offices.


China Telecom Americas provided an SD-WAN solution that was customizable to their needs and could easily integrate with their existing IT environment. They received better control and performance with their applications without connectivity issues.


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