China Telecom Bringing IoT Technology to Market

By 2020, there’ll be 200 billion IoT connected devices worldwide with 95 percent of these manufactured in one place: China.

In addition to provisioning the internet service across 80 percent of China that makes IoT possible, China Telecom is also investing heavily into converged IoT infrastructure and plans to have nationwide narrow-band IOT (NB-IoT) coverage using the 800MHz band by the end of the first half of 2017.

China Telecom was one of the first carriers to launch a smart home service aimed at consumers called “yue Me” that deploys smart terminals and apps, underpinned by fiber broadband access and China Telecom’s existing carrier and cloud services. This IoT service offers households an integrated platform for managing connected media, video, smart home devices and wearables. China Telecom has partnered with numerous local and global content partners, device manufacturers, chipset vendors, terminal manufacturers, channels and app developers to support the service.

To meet the Chinese government’s goals for environmental protection, energy conservation and public safety, China Telecom has committed itself to advancing Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology by establishing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) competency centers in Shanghai and Wuxi. Again, partnering with key global leaders like Toyota, China Telecom was one of the first carriers in the world to successfully deploy forms of IoV in the field including GPS systems and driver facial recognition cameras on all long-haul buses and hazmat vehicles to ensure good driving habits and reduce the risk for accidents and traffic jams.

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