Content Delivery (CDN)

Deliver premium online experiences over China’s most powerful content delivery network


Today, transmission speed and reliability make the difference between a late arrival and a resounding marketplace success.  China Telecom’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps you efficiently deliver your Internet-based content to geographically distributed endpoints across China. From high-volume video, music downloads and streaming content, to the low-latency demands of software downloads and online gaming, CT’s CDN service can ensure content delivery performance when you need it the most.


Fast, Reliable On-Net Content Delivery

Rich features, exceptional network availability, performance, and ease of use ensure fast, reliable content delivery in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Single-Source Solution

Our dedicated CDN infrastructure allows you to directly reach over 150M broadband and 250M mobile subscribers in China from over 150+ Points-of-Presence (PoPs) globally.

Network Efficiency

Adaptive network optimization features ensure your traffic is always delivered via the most efficient available path.

Valuable Insight into Your Network

Monitor your CDN activities via a web-based media portal, providing content analytics, real-time usage reports, log file queries, and effectiveness and reach tracking


Robust Capabilities

  • CT’s CDN includes dynamic content packaging (DCP) of adaptive streaming media in HDS and HLS formats, as well as support of multi-level content protection security mechanisms (including DRM, AES-128 and PHDS)
  • Secure origin, external file, and cloud-based storage options are fully optimized for your specific technical requirements
  • Support for streaming on demand, live broadcasts, and adaptive streaming media over HTTP (Windows Media, Adobe Flash, Adobe Zeri, Microsoft Smooth, Apple QuickTime)
  • Customers can upload content via Aspera, FTP, SFTP, R-Sync, and SCP

Cost Effective, Scalable

  • Competitive pricing and CT network management reduce your CAPEX, bandwidth and maintenance costs
  • Customized service packages deliver a flexible, scalable CDN service
  • Capacity on demand optimizes CDN performance and flexibility

Superior Security

  • Data is securely stored and backed up using the latest in firewall and data retention technologies
  • CDN also includes advanced geographic IP filtering, token authentication, and SSL encryption technologies, as well as Anti-DDOS protection

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Reduced latency and increased download speeds improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and end-user satisfaction

“Smart” Technology

  • Content recognition and configuration technology automatically adapt your content to specific customer target devices and network configurations


Why should my company select China Telecom instead of other CDN providers?

China Telecom, unlike many CDN providers, owns its global IP Network infrastructure, allowing it full control and superior performance. It is burstable with no limit, and its burstable rate is offered at non-premium pricing. Additionally, there is no charge for mid-tier traffic.


Aren’t end-users less demanding of web content performance in China?

Surveyed end-users in Germany, France and China found that users in China were more demanding. Nine out of ten said that speed was one of the most important features. Almost half expected a site to load in just three seconds, and 96% would not return to a slow-loading website.


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