Elastic Connection Platform (ECP)

Global SDN-based Interconnection Platform for Multi-Cloud Agility


China Telecom’s Elastic Connection Platform (ECP) provides global enterprises with a secure and reliable multi-cloud connectivity solution. Designed to seamlessly integrate with leading cloud service providers (CSPs), ECP enables enterprises to adjust bandwidth on-demand through pre-provisioned on-ramps deployed at data centers inside and outside of China.

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China Telecom Americas’ Elastic Connection Platform (ECP) offers network operators a direct or hybrid end-to-end interconnection platform with immediate advantages in simplicity, performance, security, flexibility, and cost.

Global Access

Access to China Telecom’s Tier-1 cloud-connected Global DCI (Data Center Interconnect) network

Cost Effective

Reduce CAPEX without additional hardware investments and lower OPEX with reliable performance, security, streamlined provisioning and pay-as-you-go monthly billing plans

Rapid Provisioning

Integration with the APIs of cloud partners allows customers to quickly turn up connectivity between cloud nodes

Enhanced Reliability

Private networks equipped with automated failover and redundant connections



  • High-speed end-to-end latency across the global network deliver reliable connections
  • Single- or double-path delivery plus network redundancy result in near 100 percent availability


  • Dynamically scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G as requirements change and add VLANs as needed to accommodate new locations or workloads
  • Scale bandwidth on-demand through pre-provisioned on-ramps deployed at more than 40 key IBX data centers inside and outside of Mainland China

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive, self-serve portal allows customers to dynamically add CSPs and add or modify interconnect capacity on demand
  • Quickly provision secure, high-quality multi-cloud connections in as little as 1 week (for cloud-to-cloud links within ECP data center); 2 weeks (for DC to cloud links within ECP data center); 20-30 working days (for local loop)


  • Fast delivery, scalability, and flexible billing options allow customers to deploy the right solution for their applications


  • Includes end-to-end encryption and dedicated connectivity for data transfer between data centers and private or public clouds for a secure hybrid cloud environment


Which cloud providers does ECP integrate into?

China Telecom’s ECP currently provides seamless integration into the APIs of several of the world’s leading providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud.

How much time does it take to provision the ECP service?

While provisioning time varies by deployment type, it typically takes 1 week to configure cloud-to-cloud links within an ECP data center, and 2 weeks to provision a data center to cloud link within the ECP data center.

How does ECP support private cloud environments?

In private cloud environments located in a data center which already has an ECP point-of-presence (POP), a cross connect is required between the ECP POP to the customer’s rack. For on-prem environments a local MSTP is required to connect to the nearest ECP POP.

How does ECP work in a multi-site, multi-cloud environment?

Customers can easily build an any-to-any connection by connecting to China Telecom’s nearest ECP POP via MSTP, Internet VPN or Cross Connect. For existing customers, a dedicated trunk will be assigned on the MPLS PE router for the traffic between MPLS VPN sites and CSPs nodes using a layer 3 connection in this scenario.


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