International Private Lines

Point-to-point solutions for maximum performance, security and availability

Product Overview

Get the capacity and security necessary for effectively deploying mission-critical applications and transmitting sensitive data between global sites via China Telecom’s Tier-1 fully redundant, self-healing fiber network.  With over 7T of transpacific transport capacity, China Telecom Americas is the leading service provider offering International Private Line connectivity between the United States, China and Hong Kong.

Key Features & Benefits

Ideal for businesses for applications including credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, point to point VOIP, and video conferencing

Global route diversity across 48 international cable systems, 70% and over 80 PoPs globally connecting to 70% of China’s fiber.

Transmission POPs inside key securities exchanges & financial data centers

Secure, reliable end-to-end connections between the US and China

US-based ordering, billing, customer service and operational support

Partnerships with over 100 carriers

Technical Details

  • Managed connectivity into global financial exchanges w/ auto-failover redundancy
  • Aggressive SLA commitments on latency, MTTR, service delivery date & more
  • Global 24/7 network monitoring, management with single point of contact
  • Available bandwidths up to 100Gig-E with range of access options
  • Fiber optic, Ethernet, SONET/STS and SDH/STM circuit types
  • Global Tier-1, fully-redundant, self-healing fiber network
  • Ability to converge multiple types of traffic

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